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  • Face Reading

    A phrase is rightly said: “The face is the index of Mind” and in terms of Face Reading, these are most true words. It is why because face reveals everything, and all you need is – a face reader. Face reading is practiced to reveal all the personality traits of a person. A face reader reads the face like a book. Your face is just like an open book, comprising the most unforgettable and unique feature of your traits.Read More

  • Astrology

    Vedic Astrology is ancient knowledge of future telling with help of calculation of the placement and movement of nine astrological planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus Saturn, Ketu, and Rahu. These heavenly bodies have their effect in the life of humans. And not only humans, but these nines astrological planets affect various events, countries and the whole world as well.Read More


  • Numerology

    Our life is all surrounded with numbers and they are affecting us day -and night. There are many numbers such as birthdates, vehicle numbers, phone number, and house number, names of person and business and shops name based numbers. The knowledge that can create prediction with help of numbers is known as Numerology, and the person who knows this knowledge is called as numerologist.Read More

  • Vastu

    Vastu is ancient Indian knowledge. The term Vastu means to abode and Shastra means science. In this way, Vastu is science of housing. In simple meaning Vastu is knowledge pertaining to designing and building of houses. Vastu was evolved in India during the Vedic Period but it gives a fair touch in every life on the universe. Vastu is all about constructing a house that brings positive energy to its occupants.Read More



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